Tips For Keeping Your Volkswagen Performing At Its Peak

Any Volkswagen owner knows that these vehicles are workhorses that can last for decades. However, if you want to ensure that your car does not stop working at its peak then you need to know how to maintain it. This does not mean that you need to know how to fix the engine (use a VW service centre for that), but you should learn about some of the things that you can do to ensure your vehicle is functioning correctly.

Check The Fluids

One of the best ways to ensure that your vehicle is running smoothly is to check the fluids. This will include the oil, coolants, brake fluids and transmission fluids. It is easy to check the oil levels, but make sure that you have parked the car on a level area otherwise your readings will be incorrect. Your user manual will be able to give you more information on how to check the other fluids. These checks will only take a few minutes to complete and could save you time and money in the long-term.

Know Your Tire Pressure

If your tires are not working correctly then your car will not be working correctly. This is why you need to ensure that they are always inflated correctly. Poorly inflated tires can cause poor performance and are a safety issue. You should make a point of visually inspecting the tires regularly to see if any of them look low and you should check the pressure every couple of weeks with a meter.

It is possible to buy a small handheld meter from any auto store and they generally have a LED display which tells you the tire pressure. The correct pressure you should have will be listed in the manual.

Look At Belts And Hoses

Rubber components in the engine will start to wear because they operate under extreme conditions. It is recommended that at least once a month you take the time to visually check them for signs of cracking or wear. If you are unsure about their condition then you should take your car to a mechanic for them to check. It is better to replace a slightly worn belt or hose than to have it break when you are in the middle of nowhere.

Another way that you can tell that belts and hoses need to be replaced is through the noise they make. A squealing noise will generally indicate that one of the belts in the engine needs to be replaced. If you hear this noise then you should take your car to the mechanic.

Keep It Clean

Cleaning the interior and exterior of your car will help it last longer. When you keep the car clean you reduce the damage which could be caused by corrosion or dirt build ups. Corrosion around certain components of your car such as the battery will cause poor performance and could lead to an electrical failure.

There are a number of different tasks that you should know about in terms of maintaining your Volkswagen. If you are ever unsure about any components in your car then you should take it to a mechanic.


Often ignored due to the fact that they are not frequently replaced, tires are an expensive item for your car. Performance and handling are heavily affected by your tires making them of critical importance. If you can make them last longer will benefit you financially as they are expensive to replace. By making them endure a longer life, it is also extracting the best performance out of your vehicle which in turn saves you money on gas. Tires like anything that performs will not last forever, however with some taking care of them, they will have a much longer lifespan than the ratings they’ll give you when you buy them.

Tire balancing: Weights come with every tire to keep them balanced. Sometimes these weights can fall off, so it is a good idea to keep on top of these. When you stay on top of these weights, the alignment of the wheels stays in check giving your tires a more even wear and hence they last longer. Even an ounce out of balance, the tire can develop early wear an disrupt handling.

Alignment: Related to tire balancing, you have to make sure your wheels are aligned properly. Staying on top this yearly will keep tires from wearing out faster on one side than the other and can help your car run better on the highway. There are computers and sophisticated equipment that do this alignment and it should be done by professionals.  Better handling is also a result of a proper alignment.

Rotation: To keep the wear consistent on all your tires, it is recommended you have your tires ratted regularly. This should extend your tires lifespan. Oil changes go hand in hand with a tire rotation, if your purchased the tires at that dealership, they’ll often do it for free. A highly recommended source to check out if your visiting the Greater Toronto Area would be T Dot Car loans, the offer a variety of financing options as well as bad credit car loans.

Tire pressure: Keep the pressure close to the recommended level, and check it often. Try and do this during mild temperatures and not during extreme weather as it will alter the pressure. It’s also a good idea to check it in the morning when the car has been still all night to get a more accurate reading.

Equipment: You should always have a portable air compressor and a tire pressure gauge so you can top up your tires if you hit something like a large pothole. A car jack is also of importance in case you need to jack the car up to change a tire. A digital gauge is a better choice however an older one will work just fine as well.

Inflation: Stay on top of your tires and make sure they’re inflated properly. When installed properly, a tire should only lose a pound a month, however there are other factors that can create a slow leak. Higher pressure increases life span of the tire, while lower pressure increases performance, it’s good to find a balance between the two. Too low pressure causes wear on the edges of the tire first, while too much pressure causes wear in the middle first. When the pressure is right, it also gives better gas milage. In extreme temperatures like freezing cold with ice, the proper pressure will increase performance in those conditions. Don’t forget that extreme weather affects pressure in the tire so it is important to stay on top of those checkups.

Inspections: Look for bumps or crack on the sidewalls, and pay attention to the amount of tread left on your tires. There are markers on the tire to help you with when it’s time for new tires. But watching out for peculiar wear can help you maintain better tires. Be sure to check alignment of tire by standing behind the car and looking at the tires.

Protection: Professionals recommend doing a treatment on tires that protect them from damage caused by ultra violet rays. When not in use you can cover them for additional protection. Parking your car in a garage will also increase your tires lifespan as they are shielded from the weather and keep them dry. If indoors isn’t an option and you have to leave it outside, avoid grass or muddy areas. Mud tends to damage tires and water is also not good for the composition of the tire. Keeping them covered and dry will add mileage to your tires.

Driving habits: Slowing down your driving will help with your tires lifespan. Avoid potholes even small ones as often as possible as to not damage your tires. Taking turns fast will also contribute to undue tire wear. Accelerating fast also wears out tires as does breaking fast, so if you keep a manageable acceleration and deceleration, it will greatly increase your tires life.  This will also help with gas mileage so there is greater incentive to do so.

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Tesla’s : No more discounts on new cars

Electric carmaker Tesla Motors Inc. (TSLA.O) Chief Executive Elon Musk told employees in an email to follow company policy of not offering discounts on new cars, responding to some investors’ concerns about the practice.

In a Twitter message, Musk said “corrective action” had been taken on discounting of new vehicles, which “seems to be limited to a small number of cases.”

Musk’s email to employees was included on Wednesday in a response to comments on a Reddit posting of someone questioning the discount policy.

The Tesla boss said, “It is absolutely vital that we adhere to the no negotiation and no discount policy that has been true since we first started taking orders 10 years ago.”

Musk said there could be discounts to floor models, vehicles that had been used for testing or those that were damaged in delivery.

“However, there can never – and I mean never – be a discount on a new car coming out of the factory in pristine condition, where there is no underlying rationale,” he said. Musk was responding to a research note published on Tuesday by analyst Brad Erickson of Pacific Crest Securities that criticized Tesla for offering discounts on Model S sedan inventory cars, not those built-to-order for specific customers, to boost third-quarter sales.

“We found Tesla has been employing a deeper discounting formula to drive sales of inventory models, with all offers expiring this Friday, the last day of the quarter,” Erikson wrote.

Erickson said he “detected aggressive Model S discounting at U.S. sales centers to maximize third-quarter deliveries.”

Deliveries for the quarter will be about 22,000, said Erickson, up 90 percent from a year earlier.

Mike Ramsey, automotive analyst with Gartner Inc., said discounts on Model S vehicles have been few, and that it was “inevitable” that the car, which debuted in 2012 and often sells at $100,000, would eventually be discounted.

“There isn’t unlimited demand for $100,000 vehicles,” he said, although he noted that Musk is adamant ab

Tesla updates on new cars

out no routine discounts for both customers and employees. Musk said in the email that the current quarter “is likely to be the best ever in Tesla history.”



Find out the full article on Tesla cars here:

Do Car Windshields Protect My Skin and Car Interior From Damaging UV Rays?

After remaining in the sunlight for hrs in an open parking area, your automobile will absolutely be warm to the touch, throughout. Most of us understand exactly how extreme the sunlight’s ultraviolet rays could be on human skin, so we attempt to safeguard our own selves with a healthy and balanced slathering of sun block prior to heading out. Your vehicle experiences the very same hazardous results, yet there’s no other way you could just put sun block on our auto’s surface areas. And also equally as the vehicle’s outside experiences large wear and tear from the sunlight, so does the inside. Would not it be a whole lot less complicated if somebody handed us a manual on auto indoor ideas? It’s now common practice for professional car tinting services to utilize tints that are designed for UV protection. Something you may want to consider, but here are a few more tips.

Inside Vehicle Tips: Monitoring inside for damages


You could see the noticeable impacts of sunlight damages on your vehicle’s furniture, particularly in the locations where the natural leather is discolored, split, as well as peeled off. The control panel and also plastic edgings along the doors could additionally break and also discolor. The seats as well as carpets are visibly worn as well as plain. Absolutely nothing in any way like the attractive dynamic shade they were when you initially rested in your auto. Clearly a common problem that many are not find a good solution to as we found out on Quara looking at these questions on decreasing car sun damage.


The sunlight’s ultraviolet rays do not merely damage your automobile’s look; it could additionally significantly reduced the automobile’s resale worth in addition to boost your upkeep expenses. This is absolutely problem for any kind of auto proprietor that is considering marketing or trading in his vehicle for a much more upgraded version. Any sort of excellent auto indoor suggestions web site will certainly inform you that shielding your automobile from sunlight damages is crucial to ensure it looking brand-new and also operating well when driving. Exactly what can you do to stop the sunlight from obtaining in the method of your auto’s excellent appearances?


Shield your automobile throughout


As an additional idea, you need to additionally keep your automobile inside’s tidiness. Throw out any sort of remaining food, paper, and also various other day-to-day things rather than allowing them accumulate. The trash bin diminish the tidy, arranged appearance of your vehicle as well as motivate microbial development. Consequently, this could cause odd cool scents at some point settling inside your car. The sunlight will just quicken the buildup of germs and also more reduce your vehicle’s indoor allure.

car windshields

Your automobile experiences from the very same dangerous results, however there’s no means you could merely put sun block on our automobile’s surface areas. And also simply as the automobile’s outside experiences substantial degeneration from the sunlight, so does the inside. The sunlight’s ultraviolet rays do not simply inflict chaos on your auto’s look; it could likewise significantly reduced the auto’s resale worth as well as boost your upkeep prices. Any kind of great auto indoor suggestions web site will certainly inform you that shielding your vehicle from sunlight harm is important to ensure it looking brand-new and also working well on the roadway.


Mentioning natural leather insides, you must likewise think of buying a sun block item that is particularly created to serve as an obstacle versus hazardous UV rays. After application, your seats and also may really feel a little oily, so you must permit adequate time for the product to absorb the protectant extensively.


Your auto’s steel outside is your initial line of protection versus the dangerous UV rays of the sunlight. Also the outside could experience considerable sunlight harm, so you ought to discover out various other means to safeguard the inside from too much warmth and also UV direct exposure. Home window colors as well as sunshades could having an added layer of defense versus the sunlight and also could minimize the quantity of warmth that is taken in by the auto’s inside after it has actually been parked outside for a long period of time. Sunshades as well as colors might not look extremely appealing, yet they sure do an excellent task of maintaining the warmth out and also shielding your priceless natural leather furniture.
Some car producers have actually recognized these problems and also started changing their existing commercial truck windows with even more UV-protected products. In particular the 3M line. South Oriental car manufacturers Hyundai as well as Kia make use of vehicle window glass with an SPF in between 44 and also 48 in their Canadian automobiles, baseding on the AP. And also Toyota presented laminated glass right into their front home windows for the latest version of the Avalon car.


UVB rays, on the other hand, are exclusively in charge of reddening the skin. They add to tanning– though tanning beds produce UVA rays– as well as additionally job in wrinkling. Pete Dishart, that leads item advancement at Pittsburgh Glass Functions in Pennsylvania, which disperses windscreens as well as home windows to a number of significant auto suppliers, claimed side home windows generally just take in 65 percent of UV rays. That places them about at 16 SPF, a few of the “most affordable quality sun blocks,” the Associated Press records.



Both sorts of ultraviolet (short-length) waves that puncture the planet’s ambience as well as reach your skin are UVA and also UVB rays. UVA rays are much longer, as well as a result weak, compared to UVB rays. UVA rays do not create sunburn, however have actually been thought of even more lasting impacts, such as wrinkling and also skin cancer cells. Researchers when assumed UVA rays just passed through deeply right into the skin, yet installing study reveals the basic layer of the skin obtains impacted, also– frequently in the keratinocytes, where most skin cancers cells normally expand


Such openness has actually surprised clinical experts, that could check out auto home windows for opacity and also acquire a pertinent sunlight security element (SPF) score. Windscreens rack up well on this examinations, normally around 50 SPF, however various other home windows, whose criteria are much less strenuous, rating under 20. Pete Dishart, that leads item advancement at Pittsburgh Glass Functions in Pennsylvania, which disperses windscreens and also home windows to a number of significant vehicle suppliers, stated side home windows normally just take in 65 percent of UV rays. What inevitably makes windscreens much more nontransparent as well as safety compared to side home windows is each home window’s building. Side home windows undertake much less examination


The distinctions are substantiated by the prices of left-side skin cancer cells individuals– individuals whose kind of skin cancer cells exists in your area on the left side of their face or body. Researchers have actually started linking substandard side-window security specifications as a feasible suspect in these instances.


Such openness has actually startled physician, that could check out automobile windows for opacity and also acquire an appropriate sunlight defense element (SPF) score. Windscreens rack up well on this examinations, typically around 50 SPF, yet various other truck and van windows, whose criteria are much less extensive, rating underneath 20. This defense is insufficient, scientists say, and also extended direct exposure to destructive UV rays could have long-lasting results.



While windscreens supply enough defense from ultraviolet A (UVA) as well as ultraviolet B (UVB) rays, vehicle producers have much more freedom in just how they create a vehicle’s continuing to be home windows. Not just does this make the home windows much more clear, however it additionally creates a surprising sensation amongst constant vehicle drivers whose instances of skin cancer cells occur mostly on the left side of their faces.


For vehicle drivers of older vehicles, using day-to-day sun block over SPF 15 at the very least Thirty Minutes prior to you drive assists make up for lowered security inside the vehicle.


Side home windows go through much less analysis. They are usually 4-millimeter thick items of toughened up glass without any plastic assistance. Safety glass is more affordable and also, unless it’s tinted, does not provide virtually the exact same defense as windscreens. Although it depends where you are located. Hamilton, Ontario will have a different reality then place located further south.


From 898 skin cancer cells clients examined by the St. Louis College Institution of Medication, 53 percent of the cancers cells happened on the left side. The 2007 research study revealed that some people that invested even more time driving had a better opportunity of obtaining a left-side skin cancer cells. Exactly what’s even more, these cancers cells showed up most often on components of the body subjected while driving, such as the head, neck, arm, as well as hand.


What inevitably makes windscreens a lot more nontransparent as well as safety compared to side home windows is each home window’s building. Windscreens, by legislation, are made with laminated glass. This consists of 3 components: 2 2.1-millimeter layers of glass divided by an 0.8-millimeter item of versatile plastic, which is made to decrease injury after ruining. Due partially to the plastic, with some aid from the glass’s density, windscreens provide 50 SPF, Dishart claims, near best security.


Your best bet is following these in instruction or contacting your local tinting shop to see what options are out there. You could take the suction cup shade option but the asthetic effect is not great.